Hello, and welcome!  My name is Anthony Wright. I am a event planner, and cake designer; I am also the owner, and fouder of Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop.  I'm a natural when it comes to decoration, designing, planning and organization. I am a driven individual with many talents and skills. I have family, and friends all over the United States, and I love to travel. Planning and designing aren't work to me; they are my passion which is something I never get tired of. I guess you would call me an artist of sorts. My canvas is an empty room,  as well as any space that needs organization and decoration. I'm a singer and a song writer, I have a natural gift when it comes to words. I believe that memories make us who we are and preserving them is very important. To me there is no greater feeling than helping to create a truly priceless memory for others knowing that they will preserve it and keep it alive for generations to come. At Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop, we don't just plan, coordinate, and create...we design. We design cakes, cupcakes, weddings & events of all types, and sizes, we find, negotiate and handle all aspects that one would need to produce a truly successful event. We decorate, coordinate, and generate perfection for any client we obtain; and we do it to our clients' preferences, while saving them money, and stress. We insure that every second our clients spent surrounded by our work is a memory that will forever be preserved. This is my passion, as well as the passion of my good friends... my team. I would like to thank each and every one of our clients thus far, as well as my team, for assisting me in building this business. Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop has been built on each of our experiences and passions for the industry as well as the continuous satisfaction of each and every one of our clients.


"Our business is starting out small, but I have faith that it will grown and expand quickly with each one of our new clients and their satisfaction for a job well done.  Thank You." -Anthony S. Wright