Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop is a successful small business, made up of strongly skilled, and goal oriented leaders. Together we have successfully planned, designed, and provided services for many events ,and weddings.  Our services, and work ethics have never displeased any of our clients.  Our priority is our clients' satisfaction, and always will be. We have years of experience in the hospitality, and special event industries.  Providing outstanding customer service to our clients, and saving them money in any situation is what we pride our business on.  Our team is very passionate about what we do. We know what our clients want; complete and utter perfection. We understand how important budgets are when it comes to planning special moments. People want 1st class services at 2nd class prices; and why not?  It is our belief that no one should ever have to settle for less on their special day. We can promise lower rates, and great services, provided by a skilled, and driven staff. We'll always make sure you stay within your budget, and your event, no matter the size is exactly what you pictured.  Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop allows clients to choose between several payment options, as well as payment plans to lessen the financial burdens that accompany any event.  We will take on all of the responsibility of planning your event, and provide you with the services, and the skills you need to make it happen.  Making, and preserving memories is what we do, Contact us today for more information.  For details on our rates, and packages please see the pricing page of our web site or contact us at anytime. 


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*Anthony Wright* (515)-782-5030 (All Branches).

*Elizabeth Mouton* (605)-520-8067 (South Dakota)

*Amber Martin* (337)-884-4900 (Texas & Louisiana)


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