We understand that in todays economy every penny counts, so we encurage our clients to take advantage of our payments plan options.

Our payment plans give our clients even more control on how much they spend.  Our clients can choose to set up a payment plan for their down payments, as well as their remaining balance for their event & our services.  Below is a list payment plans we have to choose from for both down payment, & total cost reimbursement.  


Please Note:

Our payment plans, along with our bundle packages are the best way to get all of our great services for low prices.



"Planner Service"


All of our planner services, require a down payment. This down payment alowes one of our event planners to start planning for the clients event.  


"Payment Plan Options"

Please Note: All of our payment plans require a payment plan contract.


Down Payment Options


(Option #1) Clients may pay the down payment in full with contract; down payment is equal to 1/2 of clients max event budget.

(Example: Max event budget = $8,000.00, the down payment in full = $4,000.00)


(Option #2) Clients may pay 1/2 of the down payment with contract, and pay the other 1/2 of the down payment within two months from contract date.


(Example: Max event budget= $8,000.00, the down payment =$4,000.00. client may pay $2,000.00 with contract, & pay $2,000.00 within two months of contract date.) 



Remaining Balance Payment Options


(Option #1) After Down Payment is paid in full, client may pay the remainin balance due in full, one month before the original set event date.


(Example: Max Budget = $8,000 Down payment made, balance remaining = $4000, Set Event Date is July 7, 2012, remaining balance of $4000 Due No later than June 7,2012) 


(Option #2)  After down payment is made in full, clients may choose an amount they will pay per number of months, until the remaining event balance is paid in full, (Remaining balance is due in full within one month of original set event date)


(Example: Max budget = $8,000, down payment of $4,000 paid in full, remaining balance due =$4000, Clients may choose to make a payment plan of $500 or more per month, or $1,000 or more every two months and so forth, until remaining balance is paid in full, one month before originaly set event date).