A planner is  literally a life saver for today's busy individuals. We offer several types of planning services to better accommodate each of our clients & their needs for their events.  A planner is a skilled individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills. Planners handle every detail and aspect of the client's event, making sure everything runs smoothly, and elegantly for their event. Planners are paid based on the amount of tasks they take on for their clients. Some planners will charge an hourly rate, or a flat rate, while others charge a percentage of the total event budget, & some add in a small Percentage of the bill their clients pay out to vendors. Here at Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop we offer our clients all of these rate options.  We know times are hard, We are always willing to create special rates, packages, and payment plans to accomidate the needs, & wants of our clients.  Our Goal has always been to provide great services, while helping to lessen the financial burdens our clients maybe facing in todays economy. We set our prices, based on four main aspects:

  • The Est. Number f Guests to be invited.
  • The Range of our client's Set Event Budget.
  •  The amount of detail, required. (based on your prefrances)
  • The Est. Total amount of Hours it will take to Plan the Event.

Our options allow our clients to choose how they are charged for our services.  Our clients may choose between flat rates, a percentage of their set event budget, or hourly rates.  We make sure you stay within your budget, and that you keep control over what you pay for services you want, and deserve. Dont Be afraid to Ask us about Payment Plans, or Special Rate, & Package creation.  We want to help you save money.






Please note: all of our planning services are subject to sales tax equal to that of the state in which services are rendered.