Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop offers a wide variety of cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.  Our freshly baked cakes and cupcakes are created by Amber Martin  and Anthony Wright.  At Mr. Wright's One Stop Design Shop each individual cake and cupcake are both designed and decorated by hand.  We offer both standard full size cakes as well as custom designed full size cakes with butter cream icing.  Fillings for the cakes are available upon request for an additional cost.  Our cupcakes are standard size and available in chocolate, vanilla and  white.  Our cakes and  cupcakes are designed and decorated to fit each client's preferences. 



 (Our standard cakes are round and include choice of one flavor and one color of frosting or fondant alternate shapes may cost more)

  • 1/4 Sheet Cake (serves 24)- $34.99
  • 1/2 Sheet Cake  - $49.99 (14x12)
  • Single Level Cakes - $44.99 (14")
  • Two Tier Cakes - $174.99 (14" Base,8" Top)
  • Three Tier Cakes - $254.99 (16" Base,12" Center,8" Top)
  • Four Tier Cakes - $354.99 (18" Base, 2nd tier 14", 3rd tier 10",6" Top) 
  • Additional Tiers - $54.99 ea.



(Our custom designed cakes include your choice of frosting or fondant in two colors, plus white.  Prices may vary based on specific shape and design.)

  • Custom Sheet Cakes start at - $109.99 (14x12)
  • Custom Single Level Cakes start at - $64.99 (14")
  • Custom Two Tier Cakes start at - $224.99 (14" Base, 8" Top)
  • Custom Three Tier Cakes start at - $299.99 (16" Base, 12" Center, 8" Top)
  • Custom Four Tier Cakes start at - $399.99 (18" Base, 2nd tier 14", 3rd tier 10", 6" Top)
  • Additional Custom Tiers start at - $64.99 ea.



(Our cup cakes are sold by the dozen)

  •  $10.95 Per Dozen




(Custom tier cakes in these package may cost more based on materials)

  • Two Tier Cake & 2 dozen cupcakes - $195.99
  • Three Tier Cake & 3 dozen cupcakes - $249.99
  • Four Tier Cake & 5 dozen cupcakes - $374.99



Please Note: All of our Cakes, & Cupcakes are subject to Sales Tax.

Tax dose not apply to shiping cost.